Kite-playing on an Unwalled Roof

A dull headed boy was once happily flying a kite from an unwalled rooftop. He became so engrossed in playing that he lost his awareness. His playmates were also encouraging him very much. The boy got so carried away that he failed to notice that one of his legs was hanging over the edge of the roof. None of the other boys alerted him to this peril; rather they simply continued to encourage him to fly the kite.

At that critical moment, a wise man happened to pass by. He saw that the boy was in imminent danger of falling from the roof. He immediately rushed up to save the boy although the others saw no danger. He pulled the boy away from the edge, tore off the thread of the kite and took away the spool of thread.

But the foolish boy and his friends, rather than feeling thankful, began to curse the well-meaning gentleman. They called him a thief, rascal, trespasser, gunda, hooligan, ruffian and other such names. They even threatened to take the gentleman to court after complaining to their over-indulgent parents. Some even tried to physically assault him. Bearing all this, the kind-hearted gentleman saved the boy from imminent death.


Materialistic persons embrace their certain death by accepting whatever is apparently palatable to them. By no means are they prepared to accept anything which is apparently bitter but ultimately pleasant. Many of our so-called friends in this material world also encourage us in sense gratificatory

activities that lead us to certain death and destruction.

By chance if one comes across a benevolent saintly person, he preaches to us out of his sheer mercy some real truths although in an unpleasantly stern exposition (like a dose of strong medicine) in spite of our unwillingness to accept it. Therefore we should accept all good sermons from saintly persons delivered in the cause of our eternal welfare, even if those words appear utterly bitter and heart rending.


С 1925 по 1926 годы Шрила Бхактисиддханта Сарасвати Тхакур широко проповедовал daueu-варнашраму. На этой теме он всегда подробно останавливался в своей проповеди. В 1929 году в интервью с профессором Государственного Университета Огайо Альбертом С...

Уход Шрилы Бхактивиноды Тхакура и Шрилы Гаура Кишора дас Бабаджи Махараджа

22 июня 1914 года в Калькутте, в Бхакти Бхаване, Шрила Бхактивинода Тхакур исполнил свою игру ухода из этого мира. 27 декабря 1914 года рядом с Шри Свананда-сукхада-кунажей было открыто его самадхи.

В это время Сиддханта Сарасвати продолжал печата...

Статья Прабхупады в журнале «Домой к Богу» в марте 1952 года

Статья Его Божественной Милости А. Ч. Бхактиведанты Свами Прабхупады, опубликованная в журнале «Домой к Богу» в марте 1952 года (Том 1. Часть IX) и озаглавленная «Парамахамса Шри Шримад Бхактисиддханта Сарасвати Госвами Махараджа».

[Статья начинае...

Ученые и индологи

В своем Обращении на Вьясапуджу 1924 года Шрила Сарасвати Тхакур выдвинул на первый план тему, которая и прежде часто поднималась в дискуссиях с учеными:

«Бога в этом мире найти невозможно. Но преданные, которые служат Богу, по своей милости откры...