Kite-playing on an Unwalled Roof

A dull headed boy was once happily flying a kite from an unwalled rooftop. He became so engrossed in playing that he lost his awareness. His playmates were also encouraging him very much. The boy got so carried away that he failed to notice that one of his legs was hanging over the edge of the roof. None of the other boys alerted him to this peril; rather they simply continued to encourage him to fly the kite.

At that critical moment, a wise man happened to pass by. He saw that the boy was in imminent danger of falling from the roof. He immediately rushed up to save the boy although the others saw no danger. He pulled the boy away from the edge, tore off the thread of the kite and took away the spool of thread.

But the foolish boy and his friends, rather than feeling thankful, began to curse the well-meaning gentleman. They called him a thief, rascal, trespasser, gunda, hooligan, ruffian and other such names. They even threatened to take the gentleman to court after complaining to their over-indulgent parents. Some even tried to physically assault him. Bearing all this, the kind-hearted gentleman saved the boy from imminent death.


Materialistic persons embrace their certain death by accepting whatever is apparently palatable to them. By no means are they prepared to accept anything which is apparently bitter but ultimately pleasant. Many of our so-called friends in this material world also encourage us in sense gratificatory

activities that lead us to certain death and destruction.

By chance if one comes across a benevolent saintly person, he preaches to us out of his sheer mercy some real truths although in an unpleasantly stern exposition (like a dose of strong medicine) in spite of our unwillingness to accept it. Therefore we should accept all good sermons from saintly persons delivered in the cause of our eternal welfare, even if those words appear utterly bitter and heart rending.


После игр ухода Ом Випшупады (108) Шри Шримад Бхактисиддханты Сарасвати Госвами Махараджи Прабхупады, его духовное тело почтили ароматным маслом, цветами и сандаловой пастой. Затем это духовное тело поднесли к Божествам в Шри Сарасвата Аудиториуме...


«…Кардама Муни мечтал о ребенке, который будет лучом Верховной Личности Бога. Люди должны рожать детей, способных исполнить свой долг перед Вишну, иначе и незачем зачинать детей. У благочестивых отцов рождаются дети двух типов: одни получают воспи...

Духовная организация Вишва-вайшнава-раджа-сабха игаудияматх

В ноябре 1918 года Кунджабихари Видьябхушана снял за пятьдесят рупий дом на Ултаданга Джанкшн Роуд, около храма Парешанатхи, и Шрила Сарасвати Тхакур основал там Шрила Бхактивинода Асану. Хотя договора аренды у них не было, несколько домохозяев, у...

Уход нитьялила

Утром 31 декабря 1936 года Шрила Бхактисиддханта Сарасвати Тхакур попросил Шрипаду Б.Р. Шридхару Махараджу спеть Шри Рупа Манджари Шрилы Нароттамы даса Тхакура, а Шрипаду Навил Кришну Видьяланкара спеть Шикшаштаку. Около полудня он попросил редакт...